Episode 2 – Louise

“Oh my gosh, Obama just said hi to me… but I still blame him for losing game 2. Thanks Obama!”

This week, I got the chance to catch up with my friend Louise. We recorded on the patio of a Mississauga Starbucks. Of course, I had to talk Raptors, so I had to bring on one of the most passionate fans I know – who actually works for the Raptors.

I asked Louise, “What is your story?” And she shared her experience of being a Filipino immigrant to Indonesia, and then eventually coming to Canada. We talked about that feeling of initially moving and feeling like “I’m a stranger in this country.” We talked about balikbayan boxes and Filipino families.

We talked about how we first met through a mutual friend while we were in high school and reminiscing about watching Twilight in theatres. We talked about the Mississauga music scene and when “Sound of Change” hosted shows at the Masonic Lodge in Streetsville. We talked about Batman, Spiderman, and Superman.

And obviously we talked about the Raptors. Louise talked about how she was hired to be one of the Raptors “Interactive Squad – one of those people starting chants and throwing t-shirts in Scotiabank Arena. We name dropped random Raptors players, talked about what this season and this championship meant to us, Kyle Lowry’s Hall of Fame case, and whether Vince Carter’s jersey should be retired.

This was a fun episode and I was happy to bring on such a passionate, smart, wonderful friend. Thank you, Louise, for joining me and sharing your story with all of us.

Sorry for the audio quality this episode. Unfortunately, the recording didn’t turn out as I wanted it to. I tried using a new software to block out background noise. But it just created gaps of silence and the audio would sound like it just cut off. I tried to fix it in post-production, and it might sound a little rushed, but that’s the best I could do. I promise it will be better next episode!