Episode 1 – Maha

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“I think we all walk around with a lot of sense of guilt and shame about the things that we aren’t or the things we haven’t done. I know I do. But when you start to talk about those painful, fractured, broken pieces inside of you that are a part of your story, it’s – as you say – it’s the way to healing.”

cw: suicide, depression, mental illness

I’m happy to bring on my good friend Maha for my first official episode. We recorded on the back patio of Tango Palace in Leslieville, a beautiful place to have a heartfelt conversation.

I asked Maha, “What is your story?” And she bravely shared her difficult, emotional, but wonderful story. It was a conversation about belonging, feeling out of place and uncomfortable, and wondering what it means to belong in the spaces you find yourself in.

She talked about vivid memories of tiles, staircases, and trees with apples and cherries. We talked about grandparents living in the family home, school lunches, and how we might be the continuation of our parents’ stories.

We talked about Trinity College, where we met at Frosh Week, and bonded over guitar and Bon Iver. She shared her experience as Female Head of College at Trinity. And she shared her challenges in that moment with her mental health. Now she’s in a place where she’s helping people out in a concrete way, doing on the ground social work.

I am proud to have her on because she’s always been a wonderful, smart, and passionate advocate. Thank you, Maha, for bravely sharing your story with all of us.

Maha and I wanted to dedicate this episode to Will. We love you and we miss you.

Shoutout to Amr, Louise, Cole, and Cameron for our memories playing guitar in the dorm halls of Trinity.

Thanks to Quan for sharing his song to be the theme music for the podcast. Check out his music project, Twin Attic, on Bandcamp. The song is called Confidante. Thanks to Patricia and Daman for helping out with the logo.

NOTE: There are some louder background noises of the streetcar, ambulances, motorcycles. Sorry about that.